Swirlio Reviews — Legit or a Scam?

Swirlio ReviewsI have read many reviews for the Swirlio Dessert Maker lately, and I must say that they are on totally opposite ends of the spectrum. I love ice cream and I love to make desserts, so I was excited to purchase this machine. I haven’t stopped making frozen treats since I got it. I’m also not someone who buys things, uses them once, and never even looks at them again.

From what I have read, the complaints aren’t about the product itself, but about customer service and additional products. Well, I’d like to tell those complainers that I had a great experience. When they asked if I wanted anything else added to my order, I simply said no and was not charged for anything additional.

I want to say that I have also been on both ends of customer service calls (from previous jobs). If you are friendly to them, they will be friendly to you! There is no reason to call up and yell at them because you won’t get anywhere. These people make minimum wage, just like many of us, and don’t want to be yelled at for other peoples mistakes. So, just be pleasant. It will definitely get you further and accelerate the process of you getting the issue taken care of.

I think that it’s a great product and I don’t want those negative comments to discourage people from buying. I think it works great and it is super easy to clean. My only complaint would be that there is some fruit left in the top that gets wasted, but that’s something I can get over for delicious and healthy ice cream.

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