Swirlio Reviews From Real People

My entire family loves the Big Boss Swirlio Frozen Dessert Maker! It really makes super healthy delicious desserts! We love to buy big bags of frozen fruit from Costco, especially cherries. We mix the frozen cherries with bananas and a few chocolate chips. My family can not get enough! You feel like you are being really bad with a big bowl of ice cream but you are really just eating a big bowl of fruit. The few chocolate chips are just a small treat that should help crave any sugar craving too.

Some reviewers have pointed out that the the Swirlio doesn’t feel like a super strong machine. However, it works so much better if you really cut up the fruit. You also have to make sure to take the fruit out of the freezer before making your dessert. I have found that taking it out 10 minutes before making the dessert is best. Taking it apart for clean up is easy too. Overall, I like this product and would definitely recommend this product to my friends!

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